OSHA 30-Hour

OSHA 30-Hour course for General Industry applies to most all business sectors, including manufacturing, service and maintenance, hospitality industry, food manufacturing and service, oil and gas operations, refineries, warehouses, medical and dental (not construction or maritime). OSHA 30-Hour training course for general industry is designed to help foremen, supervisors, managers, safety committee members, safety staff, and others with responsibility for workplace safety get up to speed on the basics of general health and safety regulations for their workplace.

The OSHA 30-Hour training course for general industry is based on the federal OSHA 1910 general industry regulations, and each student at an on-site OSHA 30-hour class will receive their own copy of the OSHA general industry standards as part of their 30-hour course materials. We also address state-specific OSHA requirements, where applicable, during your OSHA 30-hour class.

OSHA 30-Hour Certification is good for 5 years. Classes are held in-person at your facility/ office on days/times best suiting your needs, with a minimum of four classroom days to complete per regulations. When a student successfully completes an OSHA 30 hour general industry training course, they will receive a the official DOL / OSHA 30 hour general industry course wallet card. The cards are accepted in all 50 states and the US territories.

Minimum of 4 students/ Maximum of 40 per training

The following topics are covered in the OSHA 30-hour general industry training course:

Introduction to OSHA

Managing Safety and Health

Walking and Working Surfaces

Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, Fire Prevention and Protection


Personal Protective Equipment

Materials Handling

Hazard Communication

Hazardous Materials

Bloodborne Pathogens


Fall Protection

Safety and Health Programs

Respiratory Protection

Industrial Noise and Hearing Conservation

The balance of the 30-Hour general industry training on site training course can be used to cover a few of the following topics (other industry specific topics available as well):

Powered Industrial Trucks (forklifts)

Permit-Required Confined Spaces

Lockout / Tagout

Machine Guarding

Welding, Cutting, and Brazing

Introduction to Industrial Hygiene