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Executive Director Certification

Executive Director Certification with Mary Gladstone-Highland

Nonprofit leadership expert Mary Gladstone-Highland will share comprehensive guidance and proven sector-specific resources. You will be empowered and enabled to take your organization and your career to new heights.
Sessions Include:
Executive Director Roles and Responsibilities
Nonprofit Board of Director Relations
Nonprofit Financial Management
Staff Management
Volunteer Management
When: Monday, November 28 - Friday, December 2, 2022; 12:00 PM Eastern, or Monday, January 16 - Friday, January 20, 2023; 1:30 PM
5 Sessions scheduled for 60 minutes including question and answer period.
Training Overview

Create more 2023 certainty with your Executive Director Certification.

Nonprofits face a great deal of uncertainty in planning for 2023. Inflation and layoffs diminish supporters’ funds, corporate donors face budget constraints, costs increase dramatically, and program needs are greater than ever.

Now is your time to shine! A well-informed executive director can foresee and overcome the looming challenges. An infusion of ideas, resources, and confidence will enable you to navigate your nonprofit into a successful future.

Our Executive Director Certification program will enable you to:

Master the foundations of nonprofit management
Explore real-life examples of the best practices in action
Renew your passion for your role
Accelerate your career
Executive Director Certification

Session 1: Executive Director Roles and Responsibilities

Key roles and responsibilities of an executive director
Essential skills for an effective nonprofit leader
The executive director’s role relating to the board
The executive director’s role relating to staff and volunteers

Session 2: Nonprofit Board of Director Relations

Allocation of roles between the board and executive director
Types of nonprofit boards
Best practices and effective interactions for nonprofit boards
Techniques to avoid common conflicts between boards and executive directors

Session 3: Nonprofit Financial Management

Budget creation, review, and calendar
Financial reporting for board meetings
Sector-specific legal obligations, including financial reporting
Annual IRS forms

Session 4: Staff Management

How to hire and manage nonprofit employees
Typical nonprofit staffing positions and status types
How to create an organizational structure to serve your mission
Legal requirements and performance reviews

Session 5: Volunteer Management

Nonprofit volunteer roles and how they differ from staff
Recruiting, supporting, and managing volunteers
How to foster ongoing volunteer engagement and recognition
Volunteer job descriptions
Who Should Attend?
Chief executives
Executive directors
Board members
Nonprofit counsel
Senior management
Financial staff
Development staff
Volunteer coordinators
Program directors
Development directors
Nonprofit professionals aspiring to become executive directors
Expert Presenter

Mary Gladstone-Highland

Certified Nonprofit Professional
Fourteen years of experience leading organizations
Graduate of the Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs at Syracuse University
Master of Public Administration
Certificate in Advanced Study in Conflict and Collaboration
Certified Fund Raising Executive
Has raised over $3.4 million for numerous organizations over the past five years

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