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Why Safety Audits Are Recommended

Safety audits help employers keep their workers out of danger, avoid legal risks, increase efficiency, and determine whether they comply with federal and state regulations. As such, safety audits are an essential component of any safety program. And before long, the audits will pay for themselves if you conduct them regularly.

An audit is a systematic review of something. It’s a sweeping, rigorous, and sometimes-painful process meant to verify that what’s supposed to be happening or that what was said to occur, actually occurred. Mathews’ HR & Safety Consulting Services offers Safety Audits simply because generally employers can’t audit themselves. Most times, employers do not know what to look for; even if you did, many people couldn’t be objective.

A good safety auditor will tell you what your organization is doing well and what needs to be fixed, unsafe behaviors, or hazardous conditions, if your program is deficient or cumbersome—or if you have no formal program in place.
Audits are considered a best practice, especially for large and mid-sized employers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends that employers conduct regular safety audits “to promptly correct all violations of the [Occupational Safety and Health Act] that are discovered to ensure safety and health in the workplace.” And while OSHA doesn’t mandate them, the agency increasingly expects to see them.

Regularly-occurring safety audits offer numerous benefits to organizations, as well as their employees, contractors, and customers:
Fewer accidents, injuries, and illnesses
Fewer legal claims
Greater productivity
Improved efficiency
Improved employee morale
Improved publicity and reputation
Fewer legal claims
Less regulatory uncertainty and compliance risk
Less turnover
Lower workers’ compensation costs
Safety audits will quickly pay for themselves with the proper safety partner by your side (ROI). Since we are both safety auditors and safety consultants, we specialize in improving organizational safety and health. We can identify areas that need improvement and assist you in making those improvements.
For more information on or assistance with a safety audit for your organization, please contact Michele A. Mathews, our Safety Management Specialist (SMS), at 813-475-5404 or
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